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Delicious Peaches and Cream flavor
BioFiber helps to tone and strengthen your entire gastro intestinal system. The added ingredient FOS, encourages the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, and helps you digest and assimilate food more efficiently. BioFiber will aid in removing toxins from your colon, toxins, which can often contribute to chronic health and skin problems. Once your body rids itself of toxins that have been sitting in your colon for some time, you'll feel lighter, energized and rejuvenated. BioFiber provides you with a balanced 50/50 blend of both soluble and insoluble fibers for optimum health. BioFiber also produces a feeling of fullness and aids in moving fats out of the gastrointestinal system before they can be absorbed. Increasing our fiber intake not only helps to lower cholesterol levels, cleanse the intestinal tract but it also helps in maintaining positive weight control.
30 Servings