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Tea Tree Oil 15 ml Pure Australian Certified

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Pure 100% Austrailian Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil - Our exceptional quality, pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, is truly Nature's "Medicine Chest in a Bottle". An absolute must to have in every home. This powerful, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and naturally antiseptic oil improves the body's ability to heal itself quickly. Tea Tree Oil works on many external skin problems, such as sunburn, minor cuts and burns, abrasions, cold sores Athlete's foot, Tinea, Candida Albicans and a wide variety of other fungal and bacterial related problems. Tea Tree Oil is also extremely soothing, helping to bring quick relief to a wide variety of skin problems. Once you use it, you'll know why people have been using this incredible product for centuries. Our guaranteed 40% or higher in Terpinine 4-0l and 2.5% or less in Cineole, makes this pharmaceutical grade oil very different that the other lower grade oils available on the market.