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16 oz of Freshly Roasted Organically Grown Coffee

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High Mountain Blend Full Bodied with a Smooth Finish!

Freshly Roasted Organically Grown Coffee by Grumpy Dogs. Grumpy Dogs donates 100% profit to Charity. Below is an explanation from their website on how this works. We are supporting them on our site for the month of June. After that you can visit to order more. Thank you for your support!

Grumpy Dogs Fair Trade High Mountain Blend is a combination of hand picked, juicy sweet ripe, Catura, Tipica, and famous Bourbon beans.  They are Organically grown in small Organic family farms in elevation of 1600-1800 meters high in the central and south american mountains. The unique high mountain farms elevation produces a very slow developed comlpex sweet fruit. 

Tasting notes: sweet caramel and butterscotch coupled with a creamy smooth finish. These farms specialize in growing and only handpicking ripe sweet fruit. The harvest is washed with clean clear mountain spring water and sun dried for a super smooth finish. 


From Grumpy Dogs Site:

We Give back 100% of our profit! What does that mean exactly? We are a for profit company that wants to sell our coffee, take the profits we make, and give it back. Sounds crazy we know, but this is our PURPOSE and our PASSION. There is no gimic.

Like any company, commercial or non profit there are operating expenses and employee compensation. We vow to keep our expenses minimal without sacrificing quality, and to be fair and reasaonable in our employee compensation. We want to make sure that everyone understands that when we say "100% profit to Charity" that it is what we mean!